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Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, the S of ESG is coming under greater scrutiny

Actions on E, S and G in tandem remain essential to corporate reputation As ESG has surged up the consumer agenda, new Ipsos data shows that improving society is identified as the top priority for multinationals among consumers across the globe – perhaps not surprising given the social implications of the pandemic. read more

The tech sector always bets that product quality will override privacy concerns

Probably the most common criticism levelled at the tech sector is the one about privacy – the sense that the tech sector, or government enabled by the tech sector, are collecting far more data on individuals than they should, and that the data is then being sold or used for unclear purposes. read more

The AI Paradox: Businesses must not overlook their responsibility to reputation as investment in this technology grows

Digital technologies, from social media to Artificial Intelligence (AI), have undoubtedly altered peoples’ lives – some for the better, some for the worse. read more

What drives judgement of an organisation’s reputation?

An important focus for Ipsos Corporate Reputation is to help our clients understand what drives their reputation, in other words, what are the issues stakeholders think about when they make judgments about companies and organisations. read more

Creating relevant and engaging comms with MPs for effective corporate planning

Communications with legislators are a critical aspect of any corporate affairs planning. Get it right and MPs give companies the benefit of the doubt if issues arise. Get it wrong and MPs may be quick to condemn you publicly and loudly. read more

Myths and Vaccines: Building pharma reputation in the face of misinformation

The ongoing pandemic has placed the pharmaceutical industry in the spotlight like never before. Alongside the fight against COVID-19, effectively communicating with stakeholders is more important than ever. read more

Reputation on the rise: Safeguarding your brand reputation through investment in cyber security

There is a difference, it seems, between knowing something and really knowing something. read more

Fashion Victims: The Losers in the Fast Fashion Race

What can comms. leaders learn from the challenges facing companies in the fashion Industry? The fashion industry has been under the spotlight recently for all the wrong reasons. The industry is going through a period of rapid change, read more

It’s the environment, stupid!

Environmental concerns are no longer just pressing ethical issues, but questions of financial prudence. Over half of British consumers feel we are experiencing a climate crisis, and over one third say they would switch or boycott a financial organisation if its investments read more

Reputation Council Quickfire Survey

Reputation Council Quickfire Survey: Members’ Perspectives on ESG

Our Quickfire surveys provide us with fast views and responses on the world’s most pressing issues.

Reputation Council Quickfire Survey

Reputation Council Quickfire Survey: Perspectives on COVID-19

Our Quickfire surveys provide us with fast views and responses on the world’s most pressing issues.

The Reputation Council Report 2020: Full Report

Welcome to the latest edition from the Ipsos Reputation Council. Our fourteenth sitting involves 150 senior communicators from 19 countries – making this a truly international view.


It is clear from our conversations with Council members that the profile, influence and importance of stakeholder groups are continually shifting and evolving.


The success of a communications strategy is in large part dependent on sound planning. Corporate communicators need to ensure that their function is fully integrated in the business. It needs to be capable of both proactively


Communicators today are in the fortunate position where data is more abundant than ever; from reputation surveys to campaign measurement tools, business intelligence to employee feedback systems, and from media analysis to owned platform insights.


As the demand for businesses to create shared social and environmental value increases, and the climate change doomsday clock counts down, Council members are seeing corporates coming to terms with their role in society. 

The Reputation Council Report 2018: Full Report

Our thirteenth sitting has been the biggest and most international yet, involving 154 senior communicators from 20 countries.

Global Perspectives on Sector Reputations

Which industries are facing the greatest reputation challenges at the moment? We asked Reputation Council members around the world how they perceive the reputation of eleven sectors.

The role of the CEO in external communications

Communicators have to be selective about the frequency and nature of the top executive’s participation, balancing the benefits and risks of bringing a powerful voice into the conversation.

When does reputation turbulence become a full-blown crisis?

In a world of information overload, communications leaders must be able to separate the signal from the noise in order to defend their companies when it matters most.

Global Vs Local

Local relevance is climbing the corporate agenda for global businesses and reputation management has a vital role to play in getting the global versus local balance right.

The Spread of Techlash

How can businesses respond to the reputational challenges of technological change – including privacy, data leaks, advertising practices, and AI and automation?

The Business of Trust

Is trust in companies at an all-time low? Will it be much higher in five years’ time? And do communications leaders believe a company’s reputation affects financial results?

Authoritative Voices

Are a company’s employees its most important spokespeople? Is it true that journalists don’t influence public opinion as much as they used to?

Social Ranking

Is social media a distraction from more worthwhile channels? Or is it more important than traditional media in today’s communications strategies?

Shared Values

Do companies need to pick a side in order to thrive? Is CSR dead? Will consumers ignore poor corporate behaviour as long as they get good, cheap products?

What Keeps Communicators Awake at Night?

Reputation Council members across the world face a range of business challenges – but what are the biggest issues that keep them awake at night?

Unlocking the Value of Reputation: Full Report

Ipsos Global Reputation Centre research across 31 countries shows conclusive proof of the relationship between a good reputation and better business efficiency.

The link between trust, reputation and benefit of the doubt

Building trust builds reputation. A good reputation builds benefit of the doubt, and ensures your voice is heard in a crisis. Globally, this willingness to give the benefit of the doubt is tightly linked to overall trust.

How reputation and trust affect purchase decisions and marketing efficiency

Reputation is a key consideration in purchase decisions – companies that are trusted gain marketing efficiencies in two ways…

Building digital advocacy

Nearly half of consumers say they are willing to visit a company’s website, or look for information about a company online. However, far fewer people are willing to apply for jobs, share positive information about a company on social media, or follow a corporate social media account.

The Reputation Council Report 2017: Full Report

Our twelfth sitting of the Ipsos Reputation Council is the most international to date, involving interviews with 127 senior communicators in 22 different countries.

Global Perspectives on Sector Reputations

Which industries are facing the greatest reputation challenges at the moment? We asked Reputation Council members around the world how they perceive the reputation of eleven sectors.

The Life of a Modern Communicator

There is little doubt that in the last 20 years we have witnessed the evolution of corporate communications from a predominantly PR orientated function to a more strategic all-encompassing management discipline.

Taking a stand – do the rewards of corporate activism outweigh the risks?

What are the potential risks and benefits of taking a corporate stance, how should organisations determine which issues they speak on, and how can they communicate their views when they do?

The biggest issues currently facing Corporate Communicators

Reputation Council members across the world face a range of business challenges – but what are the biggest issues that keep them awake at night?

Employer branding – corporate reputation and the war for talent

High-quality employees are a crucial ingredient in any strong reputation: organisations with the strongest reputations attract and retain the best talent, and organisations with high-quality and engaged workforces have the strongest reputations.

The ins-and-outs of equity flow

We live in a world where corporate behaviour has never been under greater scrutiny and where judgement of a company can be transmitted around the world at a touch of a button. In this environment, the flow of equity between corporate and product brands has assumed increased importance. Council members explore how to harness this flow and its different manifestations in a modern communications landscape.

Communicating with Millennials – Attitudes and beliefs within the ‘echo-chamber’

What, if anything, makes Millennials different and how can organisations communicate with them effectively?